Health, Social Institution and Public Building

Repairing the court building in Gyula
cold covering
March 200117000 m2
3500 m2

Dermatology, Szeged
Cold coveringSeptember 20031000 m2

National Rehabilitation Institution Budapest
Cold coveringNovember 20031800 m2

Dabas Sports Centre
Cold covering
Creaton covering
Klinker external facade covering
December 20033900 m2
400 m2
2500 m2

Debrecen Kölcsey Recreation Centre
Stone and granite coveringOctober 20058000 m2


Teva Debrecen
Cold covering, whole structureJanuary 20097500 m2

Richter Gedeon Energy Centre
Building constructionJanuary 2009

Richter Gedeon Energy, Reservoir pool
Building construction
Insulation works
August 2009